Monday, 19 October 2009


Distance has taken its turn again
Trying to diminish the love between us
How do I make it understand?
That the silly attempts cannot extinct the high flames
You must know that after all the waiting
I will be there to hold your hand and lead you, love
Nothing can tear us apart
Coz no matter where you go; my shadows will follow you
Let your days be blessed with the sparkling smiles
Thinking about me, never letting you down
These thoughts of mine praying for your happiness
My kisses sent with the breeze that touches you
You can see me just by your side, all the while
For one more time, I wanna say I shall remain eternally yours…


  1. No matter where one is in the world the distance is nothing, loved the poem, so very true,


  2. Very nice. They say, "Out of sight, out of mind", but that isn't true always is it? When the bonding is strong distance only makes it stronger, becomes the longing grows. Very light, yet strong emotions are portrayed here.

  3. Jumped from one of my friends blog to here.

    Its a nice read. Reassuring the one being loved and to be confident. Happy ot read your writing. Keep writing. All the best

  4. neither distance nor time can change true feeling of the heart...