Monday, 12 October 2009


Far away I am drowning in the sea of loathing
After all, still struggling to be someone
In this single precious passing moment
Take me with you, my lord,
Honour me with your grace, I ask for nothing more in this circle of life

Written for Acrostic only


  1. Beautiful :) Love that first line. Very nice.

  2. A soulful, heartfelt expression of faith. It seems to reveal a very personal side of yourself and your identity with Him. Faith is such a small word but there is so much meaning behind it interpreted differently from each of us regardless of religion or non.

  3. I can see the intense pain the mind is going through. It gets quite frustrating sometimes to be part of this world, our existence seems so very futile. All we seek is tranquility, but that is not to be until we seek and submit to the Supreme.

  4. Beautiful words , your message comes over very well.