Friday, 9 October 2009

Metal Mania

Turn off the lights
Increase the non audible volume
Let the music blast the ears
Degraded trance crawling towards me
Allow the alcohol to flow through and within
Head slowly banging to the rhythm
Feet tapping with each beat of the drum
Soul dancing to the tune set in
Rage spills out its fatal venom
Let the smoke mist these eyes to reality
Riding high on dreams
Drifting thoughts reach the land of eternal bliss
Don’t stand there watching
Come; join this holy journey of the metal mania...


  1. I like the way you call it the "holy journey". Ahem! Am I commenting to a metalhead here? \m/

    I get the essence here, but in a civilized and soft manner. Keep writing!!!

  2. ah! a brand new metalhead eh?
    i can see its bene having its effects ;)
    nice nice!

  3. I appreciate for your beautiful poem. I liked it very much.

  4. Hi.. I probably did not thank you for your comments on my blog.. so Thanks now.. As for poetry... i am a total dud.. so cannot comment.. much.. but Cheeers! Keep on!!!!

  5. A wonderful poem greatly appreciated, thanks for sharing.