Sunday, 25 October 2009

Leave me alone

Walk away
Leave me alone
It’s all over
I have nothing left for you
Nothing to give
Nothing to take
Let me make my way
Live this world
Rest in some peace
No more tears
Get high
Lose the pain
Feel numb
Care for my own sake
Avoid myself from the mess
Have some good sleep
Damn all the saintly promises
Walk away
Leave me alone
I want love no more…


  1. There are a multitude of methods we humans search out to dull our pain. Some of these ways are certainly destructive to ourselves and others. It is a mystery why we still follow the broken promises of the many substitutes.
    Great poem

  2. This according to me looks like a wonderful lyrics for a Linkin Park type of bands! Excellent lyrics, I must say.

    It is one of those days when you have had enough of the sweet talks and false promises, when you just walk out of the person's life without any questions asked and no explanations given. You have had enough, and that is all that matters. Very nice.

  3. Leave me alone
    Leave me alone
    I don't want to succumb
    to a heartless stone

    This world is black
    my thoughts forlorn
    I've walked enough
    Now, I need stainless dawn

  4. I find this very much inspired by Linkin Park! Is it? I was a big fan when I was in college... But later found them repeatative and shallow... But their last album was good...

    Anyway nice blog :)