Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Metal

Stupid minds boasting the unaccomplished goals
Their idiocy turned into the most worshipped ideals
Leaving us the same old tracks that led them to the glory of nothingness
Committed not to fret on making new mistakes
Reviving what is already done
Fear of being different is scaring the secure soul
The thought of falling down letting them slay their dreams
But we are different, we are the metal
Don’t try to find us in that lost herd of good people
Passions drives the mind; courage sought by the world so cruel
Painted with the vibrant imaginations, yet unknown to the sleepy eyes
Spirits burning with the radiant desire that can burn the lesser mortals
Named crazy and we lead the unconquerable horizons
Fresh hopes, new vistas, new roads and no dead ends
Life is in living every moment n every day a new battle
We are different, coz we are the metal…


  1. The last four lines sum up the whole 'LIFE'. Awesomeness! Keep writing :)

  2. These days all we get to hear from the younger generation as a response to the question "What do you want to be?" is "I want to be different". Being different has become common that being common has become very rare. I believe you understand what I mean. In this rat race of becoming more different than the other, people choose path that have already been laid (like you tell in the lines "Leaving us the same old tracks that led them to the glory of nothingness;Committed not to fret on making new mistakes). We are so afraid that the detour could take us to an dead end that we forget that seeking newer avenues will have its own advantages. We need to break out of our shell and explore, for there are countless avenues that we may never seek if we are too afraid to venture out leave a trail.

    This reminds me of my own article at my blog: As I look outside my windows. Read it sometime.