Monday, 2 March 2009

If only

If only I could unwind the time and get back to the those days
I would have undone all the wrongs and held you with me forever
If only I could get to do something and bring that gorgeous smile on your face
I would have told ‘Hold on’ even to death and pleaded not to take my breath away
If only fate could bless me with one more chance
I would carefully wrap all those mesmerising moments and made a treasure out of it
If only I could become the passing wind
I would have carried all the beautiful fragrances and filled your life with the whispers of love
If only I could be the road that you would ever tread
I would only lead you to the world of happiness and taken the pain with me instead
If only I could really tell you how much I loved you
All I would want is to make you mine and hold you with me for eternity…