Thursday, 29 October 2009


To say or not to say
To do or not to do
To think or not to think
To care or not to care
But the toughest confusion is
To love or not to love...

Monday, 26 October 2009


Entangled with my own confusions
Misty eyes blurring visions
Lost soul wondering in reality
Waiting for the dreams to return
Hopes clinging on to beliefs

Someday elusive dreams will come true
For that glorious moment
I shall fight
The chasing death

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Leave me alone

Walk away
Leave me alone
It’s all over
I have nothing left for you
Nothing to give
Nothing to take
Let me make my way
Live this world
Rest in some peace
No more tears
Get high
Lose the pain
Feel numb
Care for my own sake
Avoid myself from the mess
Have some good sleep
Damn all the saintly promises
Walk away
Leave me alone
I want love no more…

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Morning Glory

Your lost self...

Written for Acrostic only

Monday, 19 October 2009


Distance has taken its turn again
Trying to diminish the love between us
How do I make it understand?
That the silly attempts cannot extinct the high flames
You must know that after all the waiting
I will be there to hold your hand and lead you, love
Nothing can tear us apart
Coz no matter where you go; my shadows will follow you
Let your days be blessed with the sparkling smiles
Thinking about me, never letting you down
These thoughts of mine praying for your happiness
My kisses sent with the breeze that touches you
You can see me just by your side, all the while
For one more time, I wanna say I shall remain eternally yours…

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Perhaps… think
Reality of knowing me hurts
Emerging from the dark, you see an unknown face
Denying is tough
I am that dark shadow
Colours of innocence shed
Truth is now what you see
Alas! I proved you wrong
Blame me for the double games
Love is not what I seek
Ebb the predictions, I am the uncertainty

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Metal

Stupid minds boasting the unaccomplished goals
Their idiocy turned into the most worshipped ideals
Leaving us the same old tracks that led them to the glory of nothingness
Committed not to fret on making new mistakes
Reviving what is already done
Fear of being different is scaring the secure soul
The thought of falling down letting them slay their dreams
But we are different, we are the metal
Don’t try to find us in that lost herd of good people
Passions drives the mind; courage sought by the world so cruel
Painted with the vibrant imaginations, yet unknown to the sleepy eyes
Spirits burning with the radiant desire that can burn the lesser mortals
Named crazy and we lead the unconquerable horizons
Fresh hopes, new vistas, new roads and no dead ends
Life is in living every moment n every day a new battle
We are different, coz we are the metal…

Monday, 12 October 2009


Far away I am drowning in the sea of loathing
After all, still struggling to be someone
In this single precious passing moment
Take me with you, my lord,
Honour me with your grace, I ask for nothing more in this circle of life

Written for Acrostic only

Breast Cancer

Betrayed by life
Rare treasure of memories
Etched this soul
Amidst the pain
Smile becoming hard to hold
Together we shall fight this battle

Cannot bend down to this
Arise from the sleep of ignorance
Need to hold hands and be strong
Concentrated efforts will lead us to victory
Erasing the cancer
Reminding us that together we can…

Written for Acrostic only

Not easily broken

Near the edge
On the cliff
Time ticking away

Errors turned miseries
Answers unfound
Shadows burnt
Intense fire
Lighting up
You are mistaken

Bits of hope
Rising high
On my own
Keen to explore
Eager to discover
Newness within me…

Written for Acrostic Only

Saturday, 10 October 2009


I walked pass the cemetery
See the dead sleeping
A bare body lying upholding helplessness
No one around weeping
Horrified eyes staring at the carcass
Blood decorated the mud in an unknown pattern
Curious souls want a name
Making their topic of the day
When the face is turned
Beat of my heart skips
The popped out eyes closed by death
The face covered with blood like a veil hiding the expression
Heart is open, now just a piece of cold flesh
I see and I see closely
I know who that lady is
It was me who was once in love with you, my love…

Friday, 9 October 2009

Metal Mania

Turn off the lights
Increase the non audible volume
Let the music blast the ears
Degraded trance crawling towards me
Allow the alcohol to flow through and within
Head slowly banging to the rhythm
Feet tapping with each beat of the drum
Soul dancing to the tune set in
Rage spills out its fatal venom
Let the smoke mist these eyes to reality
Riding high on dreams
Drifting thoughts reach the land of eternal bliss
Don’t stand there watching
Come; join this holy journey of the metal mania...

Monday, 5 October 2009


This distance
Between us
Is catalysing
The chemistry of our bond

Theories of attraction
Proved consistent
We will react
To lose ourselves into a single alloy

Your return
High on u
M drugged for sure
With this new found chemical of love...