Friday, 13 August 2010

For love

Do you remember?

The first time we met

Exchanging the strange expressions

Unsure why the heart was beating faster

And the world seemed nicer.

The first call that you made

We talked for hours

Then wondering what the talk was about.

How we became friends

Over few cups of coffee

The ups and downs

Binding us into something known as love

That never let us live apart.

The first time we fought

Saying those words which I didn’t mean

And then consoling that life without you is a life not led.

The first time I cried

You held the tear

Said it was precious as a pearl coz it was mine.

The first time I promised

To love you forever

In that pouring rain

Where you could hardly hear.

Do remember --

No matter even if I have said it a thousand times

I am here to stay

To love you for now and for always…