Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Shift in time

There was a time
When I would look at the sky
And thank god for the serenity he bestowed
Now all I see is dreadful loneliness
Creeping within me
And swallowing my happiness
Past is nothing but a pile of doomed hopes,
The dust of surrendered dreams silenced forever
Insecurity etching its story
In the stoned pages of hatred filled days
My aura has lost the glory
Now I can only give back pain
Sarcasm has become my expression
Loathing the world my honest duty
In all the ways life forced on me
Where is the chastity of my innocence lost?


  1. voices sighed
    words dried
    i lay in the spirals of silence
    hearing them say
    "life lied"
    "life lied" ... keep walking!!!

  2. A sad yet beautiful poem, I think we all go through stages in life when everything in the garden is rosy then life becomes full of sadness and despair, positivity is the answer.

    Take care.


  3. Gone my friend. When we grow up all that was idealistic falls and we are left alone.I liked your poem very much.


  4. wow..this is kinda sad...but i guess it happens a lot..

  5. I would imagine
    you have told a tale that many have experienced,
    with another shift in time
    a new poem will be born.
    you have expressed pain in a raw way.

  6. Where does our innocence go? I often wonder, too.

  7. I am hoping that as time passes, the anger will resolve into new dreams. How familiar your words are in my life!

  8. This is more of a transient phase. Everyone goes through this once in a blue moon. I try to count my blessings when I feel that I am doomed, for these were the exact things that made my life worthwhile. I believe that these blessings stay with you forever and guide you to pull yourself together, get a move on and set out to conquer the world again.

  9. a lovely take on the time shift! :)

  10. painful... thoughtful and something most of us can connect to..


    i m following ur blog now :)

    btw, thank for the kind words @ my blog.

    just posted something new

  11. Surely, a yearning and loneliness in these words. Painful. Life changes, again and again. Nicely written.

  12. Nice usage of words, Poorni...well written.

  13. who of us has not been to this lonely and desolate place?

  14. Let me put it this way. To sigh is to retrospect ... to see through the lost hope is vision ... let the journey continue!