Friday, 6 November 2009

Dab Hand

Dancing to the tunes of the world
Asking the questions that even the soul does not know
Breaking the dreams to fulfil duties

Hold on
Ailing heart needs that passion to revive the fading life
Note that you are gifted for something
Do it or you are just killing your special skill

Written for Acrostic only


  1. We (at least most of us) live someone else's lives so much that we forget our own identity. We go so far that we forget that we even exist. All we need is awakening. May this poem be the guiding light.

  2. Once again another excellent example of acrostic.


  3. Everyone is skilled at something, but there are times when life kick you in the butt so hard you forget your talent, and live to survive.

  4. beautiful acrostic. nice blend of words:) kip writin!

  5. Note that you are gifted for well mohammed ali said "if i were a cleaner, i would be the best cleaner in the world." btw, my good friend, u made my day with your motivating comments..will order a cup of tea for u if and when v meet.hehehe..

  6. Hi Poornima,

    very nicely doen acreo.. iread few of ur previous posts..i especially loved the one with the title ":)"...

    :) Thanks for visiting my space..would like to have ur views on my posts..plz do come frequentlyy..:)

    have nice time..

  7. friend..any time is tea time..take wishes always.:)

  8. Quite a nice experiment in acrostic! But then to touch the hand gently gives a powerful message in caring.

    No wonder you live to write!! :D

  9. I enjoyed reading your post.