Thursday, 7 January 2010


This is dedicated to:
Morning rays warming her dark skin
Laid as a bare body her chances of survival so thin
Eyes staring at her looking away
Hands afraid to hold her, help is just a say
Her people come and take her home
They heard someone whisper ‘rape’, their hearts doomed
She blows the pain suffering within
Trying to light the fire of revenge, never letting it sink in
Defeat is something she hates to accept
Coz with time she is going to stand on her own,
Steel strength alone reflects
Damn the world, she fights for her justice
Her purpose crystal clear, her journey never ceases
Her virtue can be stolen but not her vision
Coz the deal is the ‘strength of a woman’...


  1. God bless this lady and give her the streangth to keep up the good work

    nice initiative poorni :)

  2. May this lady find the strenghth to continue her work, Amost compelling poem.


  3. I appreciate you carrying the torch forward and taking the initiative. I have seen this video. My heart goes out to these sex workers. May they find internal peace.

  4. Long time no new post...

    where have u been ? :)