Tuesday, 23 March 2010

After a long time......

The clean white tiled room with miniscule prints
Smelling of a fragranced disinfectant
Shiny pieces of metal, artificial flowers
The television blazing in full volume
My hand on the remote zapping
Mind wondering
The rays of the noon sun
Trying to pierce through the thick curtains
The cushion beneath
Comforting the drowsy eyes
I sleep away dreaming of the serene air
Green pastures, sparkling rainbow
Captured between the four walls
Mind wanders, here and there, this and that...


  1. Lovely words, most pleasurable to read.


  2. nice piece Poorni ... u have captured the irony of urban life so well. we live in comfortable homes, air conditioned and marble floored...

    yet... we yearn for the rustic nature.

    PS: thank u for posting something new :)

  3. nice to 2 cya back after a long time..cheers:)

  4. You are back after a long time. Nice to see a post.

    Modern day life is like this - We sit in the comforts of our so-called sanctuaries and imagine the serene landscape outside but never try to be there physically. *Sigh*

  5. Disinfected delights which like the tiled room are cold,distant, artificial.
    ...and someday the dreams of open spaces might wither away and die too.

    Well written lines.

  6. wonderful thoughts and expressions indeed :)


  7. The poetic fragrances you have created with in those four walls, allure me in a way that it has the tang of an identifiable space with all the paraphernalia including “the cushion beneath/ Comforting the drowsy eyes”. I find the experience of the 'room’, a prelude to the dream (a contrast), preparing the milieu, as more intense in its surreal beauty than the dream itself.