Monday, 21 December 2009


The blue bottle of my pristine dreams
Rolled down to your feet
You pick it up with your tender hands
Find it not so worthwhile
Throw it away
The glass lies on the floor, shattered
Floating dreams flowing with the breeze
Kissing the clouds
Flying high
Reaching nowhere
Why did you break me?
My dream asks you
When all I dreamt was ‘you’


  1. A beautiful poem of what might have been. lovely words.


  2. Very very touching. I don't think there is any need to analyze any further. The lines are so simple that the point is driven home instantly. Nicely done. Beautiful!

  3. how many 'you' are there after you are broken?

    welcome to my circle

    i saw your comment in the continuum for my recent post... you are not therefore i am not... thanks for that...

  4. Maybe dreams are made to be broken so that we can create new dreams? Dreams are the inspiration for wanderlust. Very nice.

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  6. never understand the breakup! crap!

  7. i totally like the way ur mind wanders and conjure up beautiful images. they r very unique and so mesmerising eventhough ther's an underlying tone of despondency.