Friday, 18 September 2009


Come to me
I will protect you from the sins
Curl up
My wings of goodness will hide you from the evil
Hold me
The demons of reality will burn in hell
Take my hand
As I promise you love for eternity
In my eyes
Drown into the mystery of the depth of my feelings
Don’t be scared
Will fly away from the garbage called world
Trust me
Let insecurity now suffer solitude
Walk with me
I have laid the roses for you
Let me be your savior
The end of anathema is here
Please do me this favor sugar
Allow me to be your raging angel…


  1. "Let insecurity now suffer solitude" ... how beautiful ...
    In the dingy dens of darkness
    I trudge on in an endless sojourn
    I will trace the path of smoky haloes
    before the heaven's burn
    .... keep walking!!! ... thanks for stopping by... :)

  2. Such lovely words beautifully written. I'll be back.


  3. Lovely words. Your poetry is well written and so passionate. Nice blog.

    - Iniyaazh