Thursday, 16 July 2009

Skewed thoughts

o Life always gave me fair chances, it was me who chose the wrong one

o I do not mind failing to the situation, coz that teaches me how to conquer

o Do not try to dig my past, it will only create a sub-way to hell

o Never let a compromise be a regret for a lifetime

o I was born creative, circumstances made me normal

o I have always been highly motivated to achieve things, it’s just that I am a bit lazy

o Don’t go by my appearance, its just a mask covering the hollowness rooted deep within

o I do want to be single; but I do not want to be alone…

o I have died long ago, what you see of me is the remains that only time can perish

o I want to paint my thoughts with the wildest shades of life and make the brightest painting that others can cherish…

o Feeling low is like a quicksand; it will only take you to the depths of solitude and silence your smiles

o My life is a state-of-the-art jail where thinking is barred, laughing is fined and living life is strictly prohibited…

o The most efficient key to happiness in life is the habit of loneliness

o The fake smile is the new means I have found to conceal all the screw-ups

o My tongue is sharper than any knife; it will cut u so deep that it’ll take your lifetime for the wound to get healed…

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